terça-feira, 9 de março de 2004


Tirei isto do site oficial do Manchester. O "espião" inglês fez estas observações antes do jogo. Pelos vistos ninguém lhe ligou. Julgavam que estava no papo. Ainda bem para nós que nem com os próprios empregados eles se preocuparam. Para a próxima devem ter aprendido...

Chief scout Mick Brown has warned against complacency as United bid to overturn a 2-1 first leg defecit against Porto.
The Reds were well below par in Oporto, and Brown says that a repeat performance will result in failure to reach the quarter-finals for the first time in eight years.

He said: "We've got to play better than we did over there, that's for sure. We didn't do what we normally do, which is retain possession of the ball. In European football, if you don't do that then you're always up against it."

After the shock first-leg defeat, Brown is convinced that nobody else will underestimate the Portuguese champions.

"They're a very, very tidy side. They've got a lot of experience, they were UEFA Cup winners last year and nobody should be under any illusions about their pedigree," he said.

"They're a very, very tidy side. They've got a lot of knowledge and experience."
Mick Brown on Porto

"I think they've gone 20-odd games without losing at home, so we shouldn't have been surprised. I was surprised that people looked down their noses and thought that Porto would be a pushover.

"I never, ever considered that a possibility, having seen them on numerous occasions.

"They've been winning league games in third gear. They've got a lot of knowledge and experience. They know what they're about and what it takes to win.

Brown remains convinced, however, that the Reds have what it takes to reach the last eight of the competition.

He said: "There's enough in our locker to win this tie. I'm always confident that if we put together what we're capable of then we're good enough for anybody, and I maintain that."

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